Free and easy online access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks – Libby App

Did you know that you there is an EASY and FREE way to access thousands of eBooks and audiobooks? There is an online application called LIBBY with which you can access eBooks and audiobooks on your tablet, smartphone, and computer for free. Books and audiobooks are available to use online and offline. Once you have downloaded the books, they will also be available for offline use.

How to use Libby

Getting started

Download and install the Libby app from your app store/ access it via your web browser

  • Select whether you have a library card or not. If you have a library card, choose your library. If you do not have one, there are multiple libraries with which you can register completely online for a library card number, all for free. Register for a card for Ealing libraries and you can use this immediately to log into Libby.
  • On Libby, you can then search the library you are registered with or allow Libby to use your geolocation service to select your library. Libby will try to find your nearest library but if it doesn’t find the right one, select No and use the search option. Please note that Ealing is listed as the London Borough of Ealing, so you’ll need to search under “L”.
  • You can then add your Library Account Details.
  • You can now browse the catalogue or Search for a Book.
  • Scroll down the page to browse collections through the lists, by subject or by popularity. Audiobooks have a picture of headphones and are marked Audio at the bottom, eBooks do not have a label.
  • Select the cover for book details and select Borrow to borrow it. At this point, you can change your default loan period if desired by selecting the number of days you wish to borrow the item. Confirm by selecting Borrow!
  • If an item isn’t currently available, select Place Hold to go on the waiting list. When your hold is ready you will be contacted by email.
  • Once you’ve borrowed a title you can start reading. By default, Libby downloads all your loans when connected to Wi-Fi. Downloaded items will be found on your Shelf in the Libby app. You can locate your Shelf at the bottom of the screen.

Return or Renew eBooks and Audiobooks

  • eBooks and audiobooks are automatically returned on their due date.
  • To return items early, find them on the Loans tab of your Shelf. Select the Manage Loan, and then return by selecting Return Loan to Library and confirming Return!
  • Items can be renewed 3 days before the due date if there are no holds. Find the item on the Loans tab of your Shelf. Select the cover image, and then renew by selecting Renew Loan and confirming Renew!

Need help?

Please visit the searchable Libby Help page or the OverDrive Help page.