Confidentiality Agreement

During the course of your time with Ealing Law Centre, you will be given access to certain confidential information relating to the case-files of clients.

You must hold all information in trust and confidence and obtain, inspect and use such information solely for the purposes of providing advice and/or assistance and otherwise to hold such information confidential and secret to ensure that confidentiality of the personal data and information is maintained in accordance with the current data protection legislation.

You must notify us immediately if any of our client data is lost or stolen or accidentally or otherwise damaged (or subject to cyber-attack).

At the conclusion of the work done, or upon demand, all such information, including written notes, photographs, or memoranda shall be promptly returned to Ealing Law Centre. No copies may be made or retained of the information.

If you want any more information about how we use personal data you can read Ealing Law Centre’s Privacy Notice on our website at A paper copy of our Privacy Notice is also available.