Hanwell Community Library OPENING SOON

In 2020 the lovely old Carnegie Library Building in Cherington Road will Reopen as Hanwell Community Library, run and managed by the local community

So what’s different?

For the first time you’ll be able to have a big say in everything the library does, from opening hours, activities and events to the displays on the walls. The service will be run and managed by local volunteers and the direction of the library will be led by what the local community wants.

We have lots of exciting ideas and plans for running a dynamic and responsive library. Books and reading will remain at its heart, but there’ll also be fun activities for children and adults, literary and art events and activities, legal and welfare benefit advice and space for people to study and relax.

What happens here will depend on you, your ideas and your help in making them happen. Consultation, collaboration and partnership will be at the heart of everything we do.

What won’t change

For basic library services, you might not notice much difference at first. The library will still be integrated into the Ealing Library system and the London Libraries Consortium. If you have an Ealing Library card you’ll still have access to millions of items in many different languages through the shared library catalogue. You’ll still be able to use the free public wifi (and the brand new public computers!). You’ll still be able to do printing and copying and to book the library rooms for your groups and meetings.

What next?

The library is closed until April so that our wonderful building can be cleaned and repaired and to enable us to train our volunteer staff.

The library belongs to all of us, young and old, long term residents and newly arrived. We’ve done a lot so far, but there’s loads more to do and we need you to help us make the vision a reality. Be part of this amazing project from the outset. Be a volunteer. Become a Friend of Hanwell Community Library. Take part in our Youth Forum. There are so many things we can do with your ideas and help.

We need your help!

This library belongs to all of us, young and old, long term residents and newly arrived. Tell us your ideas. Come and help us make the vision a reality. Volunteer to help Hanwell Community Library.